Saturday, July 27, 2013

Netflix Suggestions

As much as I hate to admit it, my summer isn't always as exciting as I wish it was. I like to spend some days lounging around watching tv or movies, which is when Netflix is my best friend. So here are some  of my suggestions of movies and shows to watch on Netflix.

TV Shows:

Buffy is a classic! I'm currently in the middle of season 3 and I'm obsessed! It's like Teen Wolf but with plenty of girl power!

Greek has a little bit of everything. Drama, romance and plenty of humor. I finished this series a while ago and loved it. Even if you know nothing about the Greek system you'll still enjoy the show.

Classics for every girl:

I remember when I saw 13 Going On 30 when I was eight (it was my first PG-13 movie!) I fell in love with it, and it has a special place in my heart. If you're looking for an adorable, feel good movie this one is perfect

In the words of Cher Horowitz AS IF! If you have not seen Clueless then do so now! It's a classic. It's like the Mean Girls of the 90's. It's also based on Jane Austen's novel Emma.

Movies you've probably never heard of:

This movie is one of my absolute favorites. Kirsten Dunst is my favorite actress and her character is incredibly cute and quirky. Also Orlando Bloom (enough said right?)

This movie can best be described as a dark romance. It's hard to explain, but trust me on this one, you'll want to watch this.

If you're ever bored this list is all you need to get through the day, so grab some popcorn and get comfy!

xoxo Lauren

Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Finds: A Thought a Day Journal

The thought of sitting down and writing in a journal everyday to me can be daunting. Which is why I thought that this "A Thought a Day" journal was perfect. It has a page for each day of the year with five spaces to write on, one for each year. It's great because you only have to write a few lines worth, in fact that's all you can write. What should you say in such few lines? The journal suggests "Something as simple as breakfast, or something that made you laugh, or even cry. Or maybe it's more reflective." 

My favorite part is that once it's done you can go back and look at how you've changed in five years. By the time I finish mine I will be done with college and (hopefully) have started my career. I can't wait to look at this when it's done and laugh at all the things I had to say.

xoxo Lauren

PS- This is actually on sale right now. I bought mine in Barnes and Noble but it is also on Amazon for just as cheap!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cleaning Out Your Closet

I have a hard time getting rid of things, so if you're anything like me cleaning out your closet is a bit of a nightmare. I end up looking through everything and saying to myself "I still wear this, I just forgot about it for awhile but I will wear it more soon" and then it still never gets worn. So here are some of my tips to cleaning out the closet.

  1. Do it seasonally. It's much more stressful and overwhelming if you're trying to go through your entire closet at once. At the beginning of each season try and get rid of things to make room for new clothes.
  2. Try to sell old clothes. I find that the incentive of money really helps me get motivated to clean my closet and actually get rid of some of it. There are many places like Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange who will pay you money for the clothes you don't want. It's a win win situation.
  3. Put away clothes you can't decide if you want to get rid of for awhile. Fold them up and put them in a box or put them in the way back of your closet where you can't see them. If in a few weeks you never thought about them get rid of them! You obviously didn't want to wear them so now they are just taking up space. This tip is really helpful for people like me who hate to get rid of things. It's the proof I need to realize that I don't need that piece of clothing.
I hope this helped all of you keep your closet neat and full of room for all your new finds!

xoxo Lauren

*not my picture, found on google

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY: Birchbox Upcycle

I've been a member of birchbox for over two years now. I love the cute little box the samples come in and I'm always looking for new ways to use them. Lately I've been in love with the idea of a little tray for my desk and then I realized my old birchboxes could do that! I used white acrylic paint to cover the sides and the inside, I did about four coats since I used white but two or three coats is probably all you need for darker colors. I also alternated between vertical and horizontal brush strokes to blend it and make the strokes less obvious. To finish it I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to cover the bottom of the inside, used modge podge to glue it and viola! It was incredibly easy and I loved the way it turned out.  

Right now I'm using it to hold a few of my favorite little notebooks I got from Target a while ago.

xoxo Lauren

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Planner Predicament

As a college student I understand the importance of a planner. So when it came time to pick one I did not take the decision light heartedly. I'm picky, especially when it comes to my school supplies. I want whatever will be most efficient and of course keep me organized for school. When it came down to it I was almost positive it was between a May Book or a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. Then I remember how much I loved my Moleskine planner I had a couple of years ago! As soon as I got on the website and saw this one it was too adorable to pass up and I got it. I couldn't be happier with my choice.
One of the things I loved the most (besides the adorable cover) was the format. It has the entire week on one side with a sheet of lined paper on the other. Perfect for to do lists or random little scribbles. Great for someone as scatter brained as me. It has a cute little pocket in the back as well to hold little notes. And added bonus, there's little stickers!

So if you're in the market for a new planner that is cute as well as function I suggest a moleskine (specifically a Peanuts themed one!)

xoxo Lauren