Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Printable: To Do List

I love to do lists. I create one pretty much everyday. I often have so much I need to do and say I want to do that I tend to leave some things out, oops. So having a go-to place to put those things is amazing. And doing it in style? Even better. So I decided to make a little printable. It has two to a page, so you will have to cut each paper. I figured a whole 8.5 x 11 sheet would be too big (and if not, you're one busy person!).

Here is a close up of the sheet

And the best part is that it fits perfectly in the pocket of my new Kate Spade Agenda.

And the best part is that it fits perfectly in the pocket of my new Kate Spade Agenda.

So here it is to download, just go to the link, right click, save and print! Simple as that

xoxo Lauren

Friday, July 18, 2014

Should I Rush? How I Feel about Sorority Recruitment

A question I get so often from girls is should I rush? My answer is almost always yes! And here is why

I am in a sorority and love it. I have met two of my best friends there, girls I know will be by my side for years to come. My answer to the question is this: if you are even considering it you should do it. Going through recruitment does not mean you have to join a sorority! It means you are potentially interested and want to talk to a few girls to figure out what it's all about. 

I say if you're considering it, it's worth a shot. You can always try it and drop out of recruitment if it is really not your thing. Most people figure this out pretty soon. Once you've done a day or two of recruitment you'll probably either be in love or you'll say this isn't for me. And either is completely fine and acceptable. Just two quick tips is to keep an open mind and stay true to who you are. Keep those things in mind and I know you will figure out whether or not greek life is for you!

xoxo Lauren

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pin with Me!

I love Pinterest and seeing what other people find! So I've decided to make a few boards on my Pinterest page that I will let anyone pin on. I want to see what you've found that is helpful and what not.

Here is how it works:

  1. Follow me on Pinterest, you have to be following in order for me to invite you
  2. Go to the bottom of my blog and just send me a message (you'll see this at the very bottom of the page). Just type in your first name, email, and say "add me to your Pinterest board"
  3. I'll invite you to my page
  4. Then you can accept and viola you can pin to my board!

I am so excited, and I hope you all want to pin with me

xoxo Lauren

Agenda Smackdown: Lilly Pulitzer vs. Kate Spade

The other day I got a comment asking the pros and cons of the Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade agendas, and decided to write a whole post about it!

However when I got down to it, the agendas function pretty similarly so I do not have a whole lot of pros and cons for each, but I will explain my though process in my choice of agenda this year!

Last year I had a Lilly agenda and loved it! It was colorful and cute and I truly adored it. So this year I pre-ordered another (a jumbo this time, the pocket just wasn't cutting it). When it came however, the back of the agenda completely fell off and I was a little upset. I also noticed that the overall quality just wasn't as great as my last one, which made me seriously reconsider my choice. So I returned the Lilly and got a Kate Spade one instead. Here's why I love my Kate Spade agenda.

Unlike the Lilly Pulitzer agenda, the Kate Spade agenda's spiral binding is covered on the outside, so the back of the agenda falling off will never be a problem! This is really the thing that stood out to me the most. Also I realized I like the look more anyway. While I still love Lilly, I noticed that the Kate Spade agenda would match my other school supplies more, and I love matching. It also just seemed to be classier, I feel a little more sophisticated going into my meetings with the simple design.

So here are my final thoughts and advice:

If you love Lilly and color go for it! I am sure my experience with the quality is not normal, I probably just got a bad one. But I would advise you to see it in person before buying, rather than order online as I did.

If you like simple designs go with Kate! It's classic design is very versatile and so chic. The outside cover is handy and will protect your agenda from wear and tear.

The choice really comes down to aesthetic and what you prefer, because when I thought about it they function very similarly! They pretty much have some of the same features, just a different look.

So what will you choose, a colorful design or a simple look?

xoxo Lauren

ps: here is my post about my Kate Spad Agenda and the one of how I organized my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Finds: Kate Spade Agenda

If there is one thing I love, it's agendas. It's my favorite part of the new school year. Sometimes picking one out can be kind of tough. Last year I chose a Lilly Pulitzer agenda (here is the post on how I organized it), but this year I decided to go with Kate Spade. Initially I chose Lilly, but I realized that I liked the simplicity of the Kate Spade ones more. Here is a closer look inside!

This is what it looks like before every month

Here is the monthly view

And this is the weekly view

Overall, I love this agenda! It looks great and has enough space for me to write. Cute and functional, is all I can ask for. I bought mine online from Lifeguard Press

xoxo Lauren 

*all pictures and edits are mine

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Notice Anything Different?

Ta da! I have completely changed up my blog. Went from yellow, pink, and orange to black white & gold. Less colorful, yes, but I do believe it suits my style more. I am a pretty simple girl and like minimalistic designs so I feel the black & white stripes with a hint of gold suits my style pretty well. Plus I was inspired by my new Kate Spade agenda (post about that hopefully soon). Anyway, I really want to continue this blog because of the support I have been getting from other posts. I have not been keeping up with it lately, though, because I have a hard time coming up with ideas, but I am trying! If you have something you would like to see feel free to comment and tell me! I love suggestions. Also let me know what you think about the new design.

xoxo Lauren

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How I Organize My Notes and Classwork

I’m always trying to find new ways to organize things. Two of my favorite words to live by are “efficient” and “effective”. So sometimes I stop and ask myself “Is this the most efficient and effective way of doing this?” If it’s not, then I find a new way. I’m officially a sophomore in college now (yippee) and I’ve tried out a few of ways of organizing my class work. This semester I have been using a binder with loose-leaf paper instead of a spiral and I am finding out that it is much better. Here is why.

1. First I can put the schedule from the syllabus in the front. I love being able to see this everyday when I go to take notes because it tells me what we’re doing that day and what homework to expect that night.

2. This front pocket is perfect for things I am working on, or current handouts I might need that day. The key with this is to put it away when you’re done, or else it will get out of hand and too cluttered.

3.  I have some loose-leaf notebook paper for taking notes. I like this more than a spiral because I can easily take out whatever notes I need to study and don’t have to bring the whole thing around if I don’t need to. Also if your class doesn’t have a cumulative final, you can take out notes after the test, so that you don’t have to carry that extra weight around and it’s easier to find things you are working on at the moment.

4. I like to type up my notes after I’ve hand written things. This is especially helpful in classes when there are powerpoint slides posted. I spend time in class writing down what is not in the slides then right after class I go back and add the powerpoint information. This way I don’t miss what is said in class because I was too focused on the powerpoint, but I still get all the information in my notes. I have my typed up notes tabbed by chapter, so I can easily find what I need. And behind my typed notes I have hand outs that I am not currently using, but still need.

5. Then after hand outs I have my textbook. Loose leaf books can be irritating sometimes, but it is convenient to have my notes and textbook all in one place, so a binder is especially helpful if you textbook is a loose leaf one.

6. Last in the back pocket I have important papers I will need all year, like the full syllabus. I like having this just in case I need to reference it at any point in the year.

Well what do you think? How do you usually organize your classes, and does it work for you? If you decide to try this out tell me how it works out for you and what you think could be improved. I love hearing feedback from you guys.

xoxo Lauren

*All pictures and edits are mine

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Study Tips: In Class

Next in my study tips series is how to take better notes. What you do in class in the foundation of all your learning and studying. If you don't take good notes, it is extremely difficult to study properly. So here are a few tips that I find work and help me take the best notes!

I mentioned this one in my study tips for the semester post because I think it is that important. I just believe it helps you remember things better. But if you have to type, don't freak out this one isn't a biggie.

If your professor draws something out while doing notes then copy down that drawing. Whether it's a table or a graph make sure to put it in your notes. You may think you'll remember it, but that usually isn't the case.

Many professors use Power Points as an aid to their lecture. It is not the only important information. I'm not saying don't write it down, just remember to write down what he or she is saying as well. And if your professor puts the Power Points online then maybe print them out, that way you don't have to write that stuff down you can focus solely on their explanations of the presentation.

I have learned that many times professors will give an example in class to help the class understand, then later they put that same example on the test. Granted this may not always be the case, but the example will still help you understand. It will help you put definitions in context and truly understand the concepts.

When you are confused ask a question. If you don't want to ask it in front of everyone then just go ask your professor after class. It is better to ask as soon as possible rather than wait and get even more confused.

If your professor mentions the same thing over and over there is a reason. Make sure to take note of what has been mentioned several times, because those are the things that are often on the test.

Well I hope you keep these in mind while you're in class and feel free to tell me if they help or if you have any other tips that I missed tell me those too! 

xoxo Lauren

*Image not mine, but all graphics and edits are.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How I Organize My Agenda

To me, agendas are the core of studying and working effectively. After all it's hard to do well in school if you're always forgetting to do your work. Throughout the school year I have figured out how I can most effectively use my agenda. So here are some tips for you!

Well first you need an agenda. This one is pretty easy, but at the same time extremely difficult because of the choices. Here are some of my top favorite but ultimately I chose a Lilly Pulitzer one.

I like color coding my planner. There is more to this then the fact that it is pretty (although that is true as well). I like color coding because it makes things stand out. When wondering what chapter you had to read for your Economics class your eyes can easily search for that color (in my case green) and find the information you needed. I use Le Pens because of how smooth and colorful they are. Also, this can get sort of confusing so I make a legend (like the one above) of all the colors and what class they represent on a post it note. After a week or two the colors become second nature and you won't even have to worry about it.

I also like to highlight the things that I've have done already. Not only is it easier to see what you've done it is also pretty satisfying to mark something off your list!

Another helpful thing is to use these big, lined post it notes (mentioned in this post) to write down to do lists. I put them on the inside cover of my planner, and they are the perfect size. Of course I write all of my assignments on the day they are due in the weekly view but I also like being able to see a list of all the things I need to get done. It really helps me visualize all I need to do and put it into perspective. Also I have this inspirational quote given to me by my sorority advisor to keep me positive!

I also use the monthly view of my agenda. This way I can quickly see what I am doing each day. Here I only write important events or meetings. This view is really important when you are trying to see when you are busy or free. You can just glance at the month and know!

And the final quick tip is using these little tabs. I use them to keep track of what week I'm on and easily find it.

As always I hope this was helpful and maybe you at least learned one new tip or trick to try! Feel free to leave any comments and questions below.

xoxo Lauren

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Study Tips: Before a Test

As a college student, I think most of us are always looking for better ways to study. Sometimes its really hard and you don't even know where to begin. Well today I have for you seven tips that should improve the way you study. And in case you're thinking "what does this freshman in college know about studying?" I have to admit these aren't really all my study tips. Most of them came from a professor at my university. Not only has he done research on this he was also a student himself and said these were helpful. And from the semester that I tried them out I have to agree! So here are some tips to get you studying smarter.

So this will definitely be the hardest to do, but also probably the most effective. When you take a "study break" to check your phone or Twitter or whatever you are taking your mind off the information you were just studying. So that when you go back to studying your brain has to restart and relearn all the information you were just studying. It's like all that you just studied didn't really happen. So my advice is to turn off your phone and tuck it away if you have trouble with your phone distracting you. If it is your computer then I suggest you get an app like Self Control to block certain websites while you study. Then you're not even tempted to check social media or whatever distracts you.

Yeah I know, this one sucks too but it makes a big difference. Your brain holds onto the information better when you sit down for hours at a time to study. It sort of goes back to the first tip. If you study in little amounts of time your brain doesn't grip onto the information very well. So plan out an hour or two at a time to study.

Don't start the night before a test, you're not really going to remember anything. Instead study for three straight nights leading up to the test. That way the information has time to stick and you've really drilled it into your head.

Our brains hold onto to information better when we use more of our senses to learn it. So don't just read, but also say things aloud and rewrite things. Find different ways to learn information then just reading.

This is a disaster waiting to happen. We associate beds with sleeping, not studying. So reading or studying in bed is distracting and will make you sleepier.

All this will do is tire you out when it comes time to take the test. Also you don't hold onto information very well while you're tired. Make sure you are well rested and ready to take the test the next day instead of sleepy and confused

Even if it isn't. Make sure you know the difference between concepts. Don't just memorize the definitions. Be able to explain why two things are different from one another. If you are able to write an essay about something and explain it then you know the information.

Hope this was helpful and you ace all of your exams!

xoxo Lauren

Favorite Finds: Le Pens

Well it's been a while since I've done one but today's post is about a new favorite find of mine. Favorite finds are things that I've bought and really love and want to share with you! If you would like to see some of my other favorite finds then click the page at the top of my blog called favorite finds or you can just click here. So now let's get onto todays favorite find, Le Pens!

I like colored pens. I am definitely one who color codes my planner and so I need a good assortment of colors for different classes/organizations. These pens not only look pretty but write smooth as well. They write pretty similar to Sharpie pens but a little better in my opinion. They also are skinnier and more sleek in my opinion. Also I like it when the packaging of the pen is the color of the ink so I don't get confused and you can easily find the color you want. Here is the actual colors in the same order as pictured above.

I love these colors. I got them all from Amazon for around $15. The only pen that is not included in this set is orchid. I bought that one separately form my university bookstore. The pens can get a little pricey, individually they usually sell for about $2. However I have found many different sets that are cheaper to buy together than individually. I must admit these pens can be a little hard to come by. I have seen them at some Targets and online. My bookstore has a few as well as mentioned before but they only sell them individually and that gets pricey. However, I still believe they are worth the price. I haven't had them for too long so I can't speak to how long they last but since I only really use the colored pens for writing in my planner I believe they will last me a while. Black is a different story, because I use those for taking notes so we'll see. 

Well I hope you liked this post and maybe found some new pens to try! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below. I love hearing from my readers!

xoxo Lauren

*all pictures and graphics are mine

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Study Tips: The Entire Semester

It's a new semester, and I'm sure just about all of us had "study more" on our new years resolution. When you think of studying you probably don't think about doing it until a few days before the test. While you definitely should study before the test, there are also a few things that you can do throughout the entire semester as well that would make studying before the test a piece of cake. Here are some of my best tips.

Writing things by hand helps you remember. Then if you want them to look more neat as well as drill the information into your head even more, you can type your notes later. I do this for every class and it really does help because you are re-reading all the information again and really committing it to memory. I put the if possible part because I know that there are some professors that you have to use a computer to type up their notes because you couldn't keep up otherwise. If this is not the case though I highly suggest hand writing and then typing them up later. Trust me you would see a difference.

You know that time you spend on Facebook and Pinterest while you are waiting for your next class to start? Yeah that could be probably be put to better use. First thing you need to do is find a quiet spot on campus that you can see yourself being productive in. It might be the library but it doesn't have to be! In fact that is where everyone else goes so it might be distracting. Explore your campus and find that one place you feel comfortable. If you stay there between classes and actually do something (example: type up your notes from the class you just went to), you are more likely to get it done then if you were to wait until that night when you know you're going to want to watch TV instead. Treat college like high school; that entire time you are on campus you should be working on something so that when you leave you are free and can do what you want! Also you can make a to do list, here is a link for a free printable. That way you can see what all you need to get done and you are more likely to do it!

Seems obvious (especially with Lilly Pulitzer agendas around) but there is a difference between owning a planner and actually using it efficiently. Write down all your assignments. You are more likely to do something when you physically see that you have something coming up. It puts things into perspective. Also to be more efficient make a to do list in order of importance.

Here are some great posts about picking out an agenda and how to organize it!
Lily Pulitzer vs. Kate Spade
How I Organize My Agenda
A Look Inside My Kate Spade Agenda

Well I don't have many tips but these three are important and will help. Also another quick tip, go to class! If you go to every class it is almost impossible to fail. Hope these were helpful!

Here are the rest of posts in the Study Tips series:
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xoxo Lauren

*all pictures are mine

Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Week of Class Outfits

I love the first week back to class. I always have so much more energy and because of this I definitely dress a lot better. Plus its a nice first impression for your professors and fellow classmates. So here is what I wore this week!

This camel blazer from Target is one of my favorite pieces. I pared it with a white lace top, jeans, and nude flats. Perfect first day outfit.

Tuesday was a little more relaxed. I love infinity scarfs and this light pink is nice and cheery. I wore it with a plain gray shirt, jeans, and taupe riding boots.

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Yes I actually did do that on purpose. Also on Wednesdays my sorority wears a shirt with our name on it so here is mine! I also have on jeans and my new white converse which I am absolutely in love with.

Well you can't really tell from the picture but I'm wearing a gray chevron scarf with my monogram on it! Also wearing a dark gray top, jeans, and brown riding boots.

And heres Friday. Not so great I know. I only have one class Fridays so it's a little hard to find the motivation to dress well. So I chose a long sleeve t-shirt, leggings, and my brown riding boots. We all have to have one lazy day, right?

Well I hope you liked my outfits! If you have any questions leave a comment.

xoxo Lauren